Welcome to Empowering Communities

We are a charity organisation working in third world countries to combat poverty, oppression and literacy for both adults and destitute orphans. With your help we hope to achieve this by assisting with:

  • Shelter & accommodation
  • Employment assistance
  • Free medical care
  • Financial support

We provide for those most in need. Please donate generously and start empowering communities today. We are Empowering Communities – facilitating people to build a healthier tomorrow.

Our causes

Your help and support is needed, from donations to volunteering. We have four main points where we aim to help orphans, the elderly and victims of disaster, both natural and man-made:

Shelter and accommodation for the homeless. Free medical care especially for the disabled and elderly. Financial support for those struggling to afford basic needs.

Feed hungry children

Can you imagine not having any food? Can you imagine begging for anything to stop the burning hunger in your stomach?

You can help us provide nutritious meals for families everyday. Together we can make a difference! Many of us get our 3 square meals a day but millions of people can’t even afford one. Just one part of our project is to provide food for those that can’t provide for themselves.

Children can go hungry for days and this is a terrible and shameful reality. Why not support orphans, widows, disabled or homeless people through Empowering Communities and start making a marked and progressive difference in someone’s life today.

Thank you for your donations

It is estimated there are between 143- 210 million orphans worldwide. This excludes abandonment as well as sold/ trafficked children. Every 2.2 seconds another orphan ages out with no family to belong to and no place to call home.

Together we can help these children and make a difference in their lives. Even as little as a pound donated makes a huge difference.

Keep an eye out for our charity boxes, left by Empowering Communities volunteers working tirelessly day in day out nationwide. Seeing smiles on orphan childrens faces is a priceless gift. Sponsor an orphan today and change your life and their life for the better.

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