Building a workforce


Since 2014 Empowering Communities has been working around the clock, everyday to transform impoverished communities from their destitute states to a self-sustaining, progressive stage of life. Addressing the underlying issues which cause such terrible issues in this day and age where people in the same society face disparities beyond imagination, there is a monumental amount of work that needs doing and an incredible amount of effort is required to achieve the ultimate goal of helping the poverty stricken people to begin making positive and lasting changes in their lives.

Empowering communities only weeks away from opening its first job skills training academy. With jobs aplenty but skilled workers very few, this is a major leap forward in tackling the issue of unemployment and poverty.

Teachers specialising in various fields from literacy and numeracy to skilled labour, like carpentry, bricklaying and even driving instructors will all give their time to help the least fortunate in these downtrodden societies. With construction work underway to provide 6 different classes everyday as well as providing additional support to not only get the unemployed into work, but supporting them whilst they begin their journey from pan-handling into the jobs market, is a key factor in ensuring long-term and sustainable employment is delivered.

Empowering communities has waiting lists for its shelters, medical aid and employment support but without your support, none of this is possible. Your donations are needed more than ever to achieve this.