Secure Homes


Accommodation is an absolute necessity for every human being. A secure home where they can be protected from the elements and safe to sleep at night from the dangers of both nature and society however is a luxury not all of us can afford..

Although this is a priority for many relief and charity services, Empowering Communities aims to do this in the best way possible to suit the needs and requirements of the homeless and destitute. Rather than tents, straw houses or cramped conditions where hundreds of families are squeezed into giant halls or old mills and car-parks, we aim to give the needy a place they can call home for a number of years and develop themselves with the ambition and hope to one day buy something as good or if not better.

Houses and flats will be built in townships developed in partnership with housing associations in order to accommodate the homeless people who need it with varying options available dependent upon demand. Clean running water, electricity supply, protection from the heat during summer and the cold during winter. If the poorest among us are given a chance to lay their head to rest in peace at night, every night, then they stand a better chance of summoning the strength to face the harshness of the day.

To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.