About Us

Empowering people to get involved in helping the less fortunate

At Empowering Communities, we are focused on providing housing, medicine, employment and an opportunity to gain a high standard of western education to the impoverished and destitute. We do everything we can to provide the best levels of support for the needy for a future they can look forward to. 

We want to help children to get professional jobs, the ill to receive the best medical care and the unemployed to find work and stand on their own two feet. Victims of terror who have vastly grown in numbers in recent years need our help and we aim to provide that help for them to once again become hopeful in life. It’s a huge task but with your help we can achieve this.

Our Progress 


Families helped with water pumps


Family food packs


Children given long term support 

Our Socials

We post regular updates about our work on Instagram and Facebook, so make sure to drop us a follow! We also upload donor videos to Youtube, as well as footage of the crucial help we're giving to communities. Keep an eye out on our platforms for new fundraisers!