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1000+ Hand Pumps Built

1000+ Hand Pumps Built


Empowering Communities has been visiting rural communities in regions of Pakistan since 2015 to build water pumps for communities that struggle without clean water. Your donations and support has helped us with this, one family at a time.

2 Shelters Opened

2 Shelters Opened


We build homes in partnership with housing associations in order to accommodate the homeless people who need it. We give them clean running water, an electricity supply, and protection from the heat during summer and the cold during winter.

13000+ Families Helped


13000+ Families Helped


Through providing foot packs, shelter, education, clean water, income, and support we've helped a huge number of families and we're not done yet!

Urgent Appeals

Pakistan Flood Appeal


1/3 of Pakistan is under water after terrible monoons that have ravaged the country. We currently have a team working to help victims but it's a dire situation and we need your help. We are working to evacuate and shelter as many people as we can, so please donate.

Samosas for Rozgar


Continuing from the overwhelming success of our Ramadan campaign for our orphanages, we are running our Samosa campaign to raise money to help the disadvantaged get into employment. Starting from as little as £15 for 20, 100% of profits go to the charity and we even include free delivery straight to your door!

Feed the World


Up to 828 million people do not have enough food and 50 million people are facing emergency levels of hunger. We want to change that, and we can only do it with your help. By planting fruit trees, we can provide families with essential nutrients and a stable income by selling the fruits to others.

Upcoming Events





Charity Dinner


Be a part of something truly special at the Empowering Communities' charity dinner. We bring together guests for spectacular evenings of entertainment that help to raise vital funds for our life-saving work. More details coming soon...


March 17th 2023

Samosa Campaign


We are selling and distributing samosas to raise money for those who fell vistim to the devestating Pakistan floods, with 100% of profits going straight to our shelters and orphanage in Pakistan. We provide nationwide delivery so check out our page or get in touch!

Mainland UK

February 27 2023

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