Project Water Pump

A staggering 785 million people are going thirsty each and every day. Without safe and clean water to drink, these people risk dehydration, disease and at worse: death. Donate to our water appeal and help save lives.

Empowering Communities has been visiting rural communities regions of Pakistan since 2015 to build water pumps for communities that struggle without clean water. Your donations and support has helped us with this, one family at a time. So far we've built enough water pumps to save 10,000 people, but we need you to help us save as many people as we can. Please donate today.

The heat in many countries causes severe dehydration and many people die every year from this. Empowering Communities has also been installing secure, free-standing water coolers for use of the general public to be able to have cold, clean drinking water. A water cooler pumps, filters and distributes up to 100 litres of water every hour and will be installed for public access for everyone to use.