Pakistan Flood Appeal

With rivers breaking their banks, flash flooding and glacial lakes bursting, Pakistan is experiencing its worst floods this century. At least one-third of the country is under water. Scientists say several factors have contributed to the extreme event, which has displaced some 33 million people and killed more than 1,200.

More than a million homes have been damaged by the floods, which have also destroyed entire villages, livelihoods, crops, schools, and highways. People desperately need food, clean water to drink, and shelter because it is predicted that a third of the country, an area the size of the UK, is under water.

We are providing food, shelter, medical attention, clean drinking water, hygenic supplies, and the crucial help that the victims of this terrible disaster are crying out for. You can donate by pressing one of the buttons below, or donate a lump sum which we can allocate where it is most needed.